Master key lock system example with key sitting in lock.

Restricted Master Key System

Restricted master key systems are perfect for businesses with multiple departments.
Restricted master key system diagram.
Restricted master key system diagram.

Install a master key system

The master key system allows different groups or individual key holders, access to different areas of the building.

As an example, we can allow the managing director access to all doors with a single key; while allowing department heads access to doors only within their department, using the same locks.

Advantages of the master key system:

  • Security access can be controlled, allowing designated staff access to different parts of your building.
  • Keys cannot be copied without your permission, increasing security and eliminating excess spare keys.
  • Locks are more secure, as the restricted key-way reduces the chance of accidental opening with the wrong key.
  • A multi-key system is designed to adapt as your business grows or changes.

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Restricted Master Key System FAQs

restricted master key system is another must for your commercial property security. These systems are great for businesses with multiple departments that need access to different areas of the business.

The system allows you to grant different access to key holders, using a single key. The keys can not be copied without your permission, ensuring you don’t end up with old staff members having access to your property.

If you or your business are considering installing a master key system give our friendly team a call for professional security advice.

No. A key for your restricted master system can only be cut by the professional master locksmith who manages your system. They can also not provide another key without approval from the relevant signatory within your organisation.

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