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Bifold doors are a type of security door system which avoids obstructing your view of your outdoor landscaping while still offering security and safety to your family or patrons.

Create beautiful open areas with folding security doors

Durable folding security doors let in the air and light while keeping the bugs out. The high-security bifold doors can be stacked side by side in your space to maximise available room in your entertaining area.

To make sure your home security is at the highest level, we offer installation of our products so you can rest assured that you are receiving full protection from your high-security bifold doors.

Bifold security doors that will last for many years to come

Amplimesh® bifold door systems are built to last. These folding security doors are a wonderful alternative to sliding doors for your patio or other outdoor space. Bi-fold doors allow in natural light and air.

These unique, beautifully designed folding decor doors sleekly fit into your space while keeping you safe in your home.

Features including:

Reliable and high-quality security bi-fold doors

With marine-grade stainless steel mesh, these high-security bi-fold doors — rated for UV resistance and energy efficiency — are made to withstand Australia’s ever-changing climate. The unique patented Pressure Fit System allows these security doors to be made with no rivets or fasteners of any sort, providing strength and extending the life of your door system.

We ensure the folding security doors are corrosion resistant by testing them with an acid salt spray that portrays 25 years of use in the harsh Australian environment. We are so sure of our bifold security doors that they are backed by a 16-year warranty.

Folding security doors tested to exceed expectations

These high-security bifold doors are tested to, and continually meet or exceed, the Australian standards for maximum impact and shear resistance against intruders. These tests improvise the screen being cut with a knife and pushed and pulled on, as well as the hinges being tampered with or beaten on.

You can rest easy knowing Amplimesh® bifold security doors will keep your family and property safe.

The Amplimesh® range of folding security doors are rated to provide protection in bushfire and cyclone conditions, and they will still keep you safe from flying and crawling insects trying to get into your home.

The bifold security screen doors are also crafted with a multi-point locking system which can keep homeowners assured that our security screens are keeping their home safe from break-ins.

Choose the colour and style of your folding security doors

Available in a variety of colours and with sleek, flush handles, Amplimesh® bifold security doors provide a touch of class to your outdoor space. You can enjoy a 156-degree angle view of the outdoors while relaxing in your living space and enjoying the fresh air and openness the door provides.

Folding door FAQs

It depends on what bi-fold doors are used. High quality bi-fold security doors should be used to increase the security of your home. Bi-fold security doors involve multiple panels, stainless steel mesh and a strong metal frame to prevent break ins.

Yes, bi-fold security screens can be fitted to match existing glazed bi-fold doors, or they can stand alone. Bi-fold security doors can be hinged to fold in or out and allow you to keep your views into your outdoor area.

The cost of bi-fold security doors depends on the materials used. High quality bi-fold security doors will use aluminium, while cheaper versions use UPVC and wood. The purpose of bi-fold security doors is to ensure your home stays safe from intruders, so it’s important to invest in high quality bi-fold security doors that will last a long time.

Sliding doors are typically made of larger glass panels and have one lock point. On the other hand, bi-fold security doors are constructed using multiple panels and various lock points. The extra locking points makes it harder for intruders to break through.

In terms of functionality, bi-fold security doors offer a seamless transition from inside to outside, as they can be completely folded away. In contrast, sliding doors can never fully open like bi-fold doors can. Lastly, sliding doors are often more expensive than bi-fold doors due to the need for big single units of glass.

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To make sure your home security is at the highest level, we offer installation of our products. You can rest assured that you are receiving full protection from your folding security doors.

Contact our Perth team to find out how we can customise your folding security doors to fit your home or business perfectly.

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