Automotive Car Key Replacements

We can help you if you need a replacement key or transponder for your car. We also supply replacement remotes and service automotive locks. Locked out of your vehicle? Our locksmiths are only a phone call away.

Vehicle lockouts

Locked yourself out of your vehicle?

Central Screens & Locks can come to the rescue and open cars, motorbikes or other vehicles so you can go about your day as soon as possible. Our team works 24/7, all you need to do is give our qualified mobile auto locksmith team a call on 08 9354 9509.

Car Keys Cut – from $9.00
Car Lockout Call-outs – from $110.00

All our qualified car locksmiths have WA Police Licenses and can professionally open your car or vehicle. Central Screens & Locks are also accredited with a Repairer’s Certificate from the Motor Vehicle Industry Board.

Re-key and re-coding of a car (lost & stolen keys)

If your car keys have been lost or stolen there’s no need to break a window, or get your car towed to the dealership and pay a fortune!

At Central Screens & Locks all our qualified auto locksmiths have the knowledge and technology to make new keys or re-key your vehicle and supply new keys. Once this process is done, the original keys will no longer work, so you can be assured your car is kept safe again. This can be done at our showroom in Willetton or we can come to you with our mobile locksmith service.

New transponder keys and duplicate automotive keys

Transponder keys are devices designed to transmit a radio signal from a handheld device to a remote receiver. At Central Screens & Locks we stock, cut and program a large range of standard transponder car and automotive keys.

They’re most commonly used to unlock and start vehicles, with each one programmed to only start a specific vehicle, to reduce the possibility of theft. A faulty transponder means a car that won’t start, but don’t panic – call our auto locksmiths in Perth and we can fix or duplicate it for you!

Proximity keys, ECU programming and EEPROM

Many new cars these days will have a proximity key, meaning you’re able to unlock the car without having to turn the key or push a button. Some even allow for push to start buttons so your car keys never have to leave your pocket. Have you lost your Proximity Key?

The qualified auto locksmiths at Central Screens & Locks can recode a proximity key, saving you a trip to the dealership.

A car’s ECU (Electric Control Unit) stores memory for various different basic car functions such as ignition, breaks and keys. Within the ECU is the EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) which is a computer chip that allows users like our auto locksmiths to erase and modify store data. Certain vehicles will require reprogramming directly to the EEPROM chip when issuing new keys.

Service old automotive locks
Replacement remotes

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Need to order a car key replacement for your vehicle?

Our friendly team of expert auto locksmiths in Perth are more than happy to assist with cutting new keys, reprogramming new ones or and replacing broken or worn-out shells.

Enquire now to find out more.

Auto locksmith FAQs

This depends on what key your vehicle uses.

Cutting a car key replacement starts from $9.00. However, newer cars with keyless start and entry will cost a lot more than a manual entry car key as the mobile car locksmith will have to reprogram the key.

Need a replacement key? Contact our friendly Perth auto locksmith team for a quote.

When you lose a key, there are two main options. An auto locksmith can either cut a car key replacement using the spare or a completely new set can be reprogrammed so you can be assured the original keys will no longer work if found. As cutting a completely new set involves ECU programming, it will cost a lot more than replicating the spare.

Have no fear, our friendly Perth auto locksmith team operate 24/7 and are able to come out to any site within minutes and do a mobile car key replacement. If you’re ever locked out, you can call us on 08 9354 9509 at any time of day.