Security Hinged Doors Perth

Hinged security screen doors help keep your property secure while allowing you to view your landscaping and let the fresh outdoor air freely flow through.

Securing your home with hinged security doors

Hinged security doors are the most popular choice for a front door security screen and are also commonly found as laundry or back door security screens.

Having a security screen at your front door allows you to answer your door to strangers while still protecting your family from any unfamiliar visitors. While it’s common for many Perth properties to have a security front door screen, our team will visit your location and review where hinged security doors may be required.

Hinged security doors which exceed expectations

Amplimesh® hinged security screen doors are designed with your safety in mind. These hinged security screen doors are high quality and built to last, with features such as:

Our simple yet effective hinged security doors are the perfect solution for your front door, back door, laundry and commercial entry points.

Superior hinged security doors that are made to last

The climate in Australia has incredible variations from high heats to low colds. Amplimesh® doors are built to withstand these extreme temperature changes and weather conditions.

The hinged security door range is tested using an acid salt spray, equivalent to 25 years of outdoor usage, so you know your family and property are safe for years to come.

The extra layer of UV resistance keeps your hinged security door looking fresh and new, even in the summer heat. The mesh screens are small enough to keep insects out yet strong enough to resist intruders.

Hinged security doors that put safety first

We know the security of your family and property is of the deepest concern. The hinged security screen door system has been subjected to many safety tests, and they meet or exceed all Australian and industry standards for intruder and impact resistance.

The mesh used in hinged security doors has been subjected to the knife shear test, showing their resistance to being cut, and tests to the hinges to see if they can be jemmied. The triple lock system mechanisms have been proven to remain secure, with the hinges unable to be jemmied.

We know that safety is more than just intruders. Amplimesh® doors are also rated for bushfires, and the SupaScreen® mesh is strong enough to withstand cyclones.

Stylish and attractive hinged security doors

Your hinged security door has been built to withstand almost anything, but we know it wouldn’t look right unless it fits into your decor and lifestyle. Amplimesh® doors are custom made to fit any door frame and can come in a wide variety of custom colours. The handles are available in four different finishes to match your surroundings. 

Optional additional features include:

  • Bug strips
  • Pet doors
  • Hinged door closer
  • Additional mid-rail

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"He was such a wonderful person and provided excellent service. He came out after I misplaced my keys and helped me get back inside. I can wholeheartedly suggest him and...
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Noah O'Brien 2 months ago
It was really easy to collaborate with the team because they are highly accommodating with their time, particularly outside of business hours. They offered much-needed expert assistance and completed the...
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson 4 months ago
Had 4 security doors installed in August following whole of house being double glazed including all exterior doors. We were concerned about how the job would be done as the...
M V 7 months ago
These guys are great, from communication, work ethic, pricing and timeframe turn around - and simply great customer service. I'll be back again for any lock and key work I...
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Phyro McBruce, Esq. 2 months ago
To assist me with sensitive home security issues, he came out and provided thoughtful advise and excellent service. It comes highly recommended.
Lily Chapman
Lily Chapman 2 months ago

Hinged Doors FAQs

Amplimesh® hinged security doors have been rigorously tested for their security. They have been subjected to the knife shear test, demonstrating how resistant they are to being cut, as well as tests on the hinges to see if they can be jemmied. The triple lock system mechanisms have been proven to remain secure, with the hinges unable to be jemmied.

Hinged security doors provide additional security for your home or items. They are typically used on outswing entrances to your home. Amplimesh® hinged security screen door are a way of adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind to your home while also allowing fresh air or outside views into your home.

Central Screens & Locks are a reputable Amplimesh® hinged security door supplier, being in the industry as a family run business in Western Australia since 1993.

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Make sure your home security is at the highest level

We offer installation of our products so you can rest assured that you are receiving full protection from your hinged security doors.

Contact our Perth installation team to find out how we can customise your hinged security doors to fit your home or business perfectly.

Security screen fabricator working on a security door.

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