3M Security Window Film

Protect your windows against severe weather and unwanted home break-in with window security film, which is designed to minimise entry through fixed panel glass.

Trust 3M window film

Keep your windows safe with 3M™ Scotchshield™ safety & security window film ultra series.

  • Designed to keep glass fragments together, protecting you and your family from shattering glass
  • Protects from severe weather such as cyclones
  • Added protection from burglaries with smash resistant glass
  • Reduces harmful UV rays – extending the life of your indoor furnishings
  • Ask us about adding 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems for additional safety and security
  • Fitted by licensed 3M Installers
  • Further protect your home, with compliant cyclone security screens

Speak to one of our experts today, about the best way to fully protect your home.

Frequently asked questions

Security window film is composed of thick polyester layers that are laminated together with strong adhesives. A thicker security window film holds together better against impact. This film can be applied to glass or glazing after manufacturing, so there is always the option to upgrade your windows to be more secure down the track.

Window security film is harder to break through than glass without the film. If the window is eventually broken, the addition of security window film helps to keep the glass from shattering and causing harm.

Window Security Film is definitely worth adding to your windows as it has many benefits. Including increased security and safety. Security window film is also cheaper than installing double-glazed glass panes.

Yes, window security film does help to reduce break ins as well as glass-related injuries. If a burglar is going from house to house, and your windows are harder to break than others on your street, you’ll have less chance of a break in.