Security Screens Perth

Central Screens & Locks offers the widest selection of top-rated security products and services, including Amplimesh® SupaScreen stainless steel security doors and screens, guaranteed to be the perfect security solution for residential and commercial properties.

Benefits of security screens

There are many great reasons as to why you should install security window screens and security screen doors. These are some of our favourite benefits of installing security screens:

  • Increased level of security
  • Allows increased airflow and ventilation without compromising security
  • Keeps insects and bugs out
  • Amplimesh products are tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008

Get in touch to find out how your home or business can benefit from durable Amplimesh® security screens.

Security screen doors and window maintenance

Regular maintenance of your fly screen doors, security screen doors and windows help to keep them looking brand new!

You wouldn’t go without cleaning your windows, so don’t forget to clean your security screen doors and windows. How often you clean them will depend on the type of area you live in. Someone who lives near the coast will need to clean them more than someone that lives inland further away from any coastal, industrial or urban areas.

As a guide, we recommended every 3-4 months for security screens in Perth urban areas.

Security Screen FAQs

Yes, Central Screens & Locks have different ranges of security screen doors and security windows in Perth to suit homes with BAL ratings up to 40.

Our friendly team is able to assist with the installation of both window screens and security doors. Please get in contact for a quote.

Who said you can’t put security screen doors on your existing stacking or bi-fold doors? Central Screens & Locks offer a wide range of security screen doors to suit a variety of door shapes and sizes including folding, sliding and more. Get in contact with us today to see our range of security screen doors in Perth.