Black sliding door with fly screen protection.

Fly Screens Perth

Fly screens are a common sight in Western Australian households. Being a great addition to security doors and windows, installing fly screens allows you to make the most of good weather while keeping you protected from the elements, bugs and more.
Black sliding door with fly screen protection.
Black sliding door with fly screen protection.

Create a secure home or business

Security is paramount when it comes to having a safe home – however, this can come with some drawbacks. During extreme heat commonly found during the summer months in Western Australia, not having proper airflow through your property can make living uncomfortable.

Fly screens allow for the doors and windows in your house to remain protected while opened. While flyscreens do provide some protection from bugs and debris, for maximum protection from intruders, consider having security screens professionally installed.

A roll of fly screen mesh.
A roll of fly screen mesh.

Fly screens, security screens or roller shutters?

Unlike roller shutters that provide complete coverage, fly screens are made a bit different. With a mesh-like design, fly screens can allow air to flow through the window or door while still stopping small objects like dust, bugs and small pests from getting through.

Roller shutters take security to the next level, completely covering any window (or in some cases, doors) to prevent intruders and unwanted guests from entering your home or business. While roller shutters are great for security, they restrict light and air from entering your premises.

To have the benefits of both flyscreens (airflow and preventing bugs/pests) and security shutters (security to prevent intruders), many home and business owners opt for security windows and security doors.

A standard window flyscreen in a black frame.
A standard window flyscreen in a black frame.

Selecting the right fly screen

It can be easy to assume that fly screens are all quite similar, however – when you consider design and production – there is a wide range available to cater to many different doors and windows.

  • Standard Fly Screens – The most basic form of flyscreen simply has the mesh material within a frame. These screens are installed on windows and can be easily replaced if they take any damage from things such as weather.
  • Sliding Fly Screen Doors – More commonly seen in Western Australia, these screens are mounted onto tracks with wheels so they can easily slide open and closed. These are usually mounted alongside normal external sliding doors when access is required.
  • Hinged Fly Screen Doors – Another common sight in and around the Perth metro area, this type of screen is attached to a door using a hinge. These are more commonly seen on a home’s front door but can be found on other external doors.

Benefits of installing security fly screens

As with any security products you purchase for your home, you want to rest assured that your new product is worth its money. In this case, it’s important to consider what benefits there are to installing a secure fly screen solution from Central Screens & Locks.

Insect and dust protection In a warm Western Australian summer, keeping bugs out is important. If fly screens are installed at the appropriate locations, there is a minimised chance of bugs getting into your home. This also means dust can't fly into any open windows or doors. Keeping pesky summer mosquitos and flies outside of your home will only provide benefits to yourself and visitors, and a fly screen can do just that.
Fresh air and natural light Fly screens, and in particular, security screens allow you to promote the fresh flow of air throughout your home or business, while also keeping it secure. Lighten up your space and create a cool and welcoming area with our range of fly screens.
Privacy and security Fly screens made by Central Screens & Locks are made using strong and durable Amplimesh® materials. The range of industry-leading materials makes them the ideal, reliable solution for Perth homes. These nettings can also be dark enough to reduce visibility - increasing your privacy - and provide a good way to prevent young children from entering unsafe areas of your home.
Window fly screens protect against insects.
Window fly screens protect against insects.

Speak to an experienced security expert

Regular maintenance of your fly screen doors, security screen doors and windows helps to keep them looking brand new and ensures you have a secure home!

Central Screens & Locks are authorised Amplimesh® experts and qualified locksmiths, bringing you the very best security, all under one roof. All our products come with customised quality designs, manufactured to the highest Australian Standards.

If you’re in need of fly screens or security screens for your home or business, get in touch with our experienced team today!

Security screen fabricator working on a security door.

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