Lockwood Nexion Classic Keyless Entry Lockset.


The Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset is battery operated and emits an audible and visual confirmation of activation by the Q-Key remote control. The Q-Key has a range of up to three metres and uses the latest in encrypted rolling code technology for the highest security possible. Additional Q-Key remotes can easily be programmed by following a simple sequencing procedure. Should the Q-Key remote ever be misplaced, the lockset can be manually operated with a key.

Features of the Nexion Classic Keyless Entry Lockset

  • Keyless entry using Q-Key (remote control)
  • Fully encrypted rolling codes
  • Safety features include SafetyRelease to minimise the risk of being locked in and Lockout Release
  • Simple programming sequence to add or disable Q-keys and has a range of up to 3 metres
  • The lockset provides both audible and visual confirmation of electronic activation. The Locksets mode is shown by LockAlert.


The Nexion also has the unique Lockwood LockAlert status indicator that shows at a glance the lockset mode. The lockset can operate in 3 modes: Secure Mode, Safety Mode & Passage Mode.

  • Secure Mode (Red) Handles securely locked from both inside and outside
  • Safety Mode (Yellow) Handles securely locked from outside and free from the inside
  • Passage Mode (Green) Handles free from both inside and outside
  • Case/Cover High Purity Zinc alloy
  • Backset Standard 60mm or 70mm available on some models
  • Latchbolts Stainless Steel – 15mm projection
  • Door thickness Suitable for door thickness 35 to 45mm
  • Cylinder 5 or 6 Pin Tumbler System
  • Security S3 – high security for maximum protection (AS4145.2:1993)
  • Durability D3 – High durability for maximum frequency usage
  • Batteries 4 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Standard Finishes Gold Plated, Bright Chrome and Satin Chrome
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