Security Emergency Exit Windows

Emergency exit windows are strong and durable, keeping bugs and intruders out of your home while allowing you to exit quickly and safely in an emergency situation.
Security screen made for easy exit.
Security screen made for easy exit.

Superior protection and reliable emergency exit

With security features to keep you safe, there is no excuse to not enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the great outdoors around your property.

Fire escape window security is important for those who live in more rural areas such as the Perth Hills or east of Perth city to help them evacuate in bushfire season and keep the property safe in the cooler months of the year.

Strong and safe home security window option.
Strong and safe home security window option.

Protect your home or business and provide safe exit points

Amplimesh® emergency exit window screens are perfect for those situations when you need to exit your home quickly. These security screens put fire safety first but also keep you safe from outside intruders at the same time.

Let in the natural light and fresh air with the same great features as our screen doors, including:

  • Heavy-duty aluminium frames
  • Patented Pressure Fit System
  • Customisable colours
  • High-quality mesh screen
  • Custom sizing for your windows
  • High-quality escape mechanism
  • Tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008
Security window in living room of house.
Security window in living room of house.

Premium security from Amplimesh®

Emergency exit screens are made with premium SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® mesh. Designed to push outward or slide open from the inside only, they allow you to exit your home in an emergency safely.

They are rivet and fastener-free to prevent corrosion and provide additional strength to the screens. The patented Pressure Fit System secures your screen while providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Emergency exit windows are tested with an acid salt spray, equivalent to 25 years of outdoor usage, so you know your family and property is safe for years to come. Amplimesh® fire egress window screens have a UV coating to keep them looking new for years to come and are backed by a multi-year warranty.

Create a safe and secure property

Secure your windows with an emergency exit screen. Keep intruders out of your home, but provide an exit in case of a bushfire.

Amplimesh® fire egress window screens have been tested against cutting attacks, forced impact hits, and jemmying. They have also been rated for cyclones and bushfires and can withstand the brute force of a single impact up to 2,300 joules. Keep your family secure inside your home with Amplimesh® window screens.

Match your existing building design

Our emergency exit window screens come in a variety of colours to match your home or business. Our experts can measure your windows and create custom-fit window screens for all your odd window sizes. You shouldn’t have to give up elegance or style for functionality or safety. With Amplimesh® window screens, you can have it all.

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Phyro McBruce, Esq. 2 months ago
To assist me with sensitive home security issues, he came out and provided thoughtful advise and excellent service. It comes highly recommended.
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Lily Chapman 2 months ago

To make sure your home security is at the highest level, we offer installation of our products

So you can rest assured that you are receiving full protection from your security emergency exit windows.

Contact our knowledgeable Perth installation team to find out how we can customise your emergency exit windows to fit your home or business perfectly.

Security screen fabricator working on a security door.

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