Amplimesh IntrudaGuard security screen door, installed for a laundry.

IntrudaGuard® aluminium security screens

IntrudaGuard® perforated aluminium security doors and windows are an alternative to stainless steel security screens, the aluminium is corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing and visually appealing.

IntrudaGuard® Aluminium Security Doors & Windows

Aluminium security doors and windows are fast becoming popular alternatives to stainless steel for security screens. We supply the ultimate aluminium security window screens and doors with our range of Amplimesh IntrudaGuard® security screen products.

IntrudaGuard® is a perforated aluminium panel held in an extruded aluminium edge. This means it provides your windows and doors with unparalleled security with a clear view to the outside. Made from 5052 marine-grade aluminium, Amplimesh security doors are also corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing and visually appealing, making them ideal for the Australian climate.

The IntrudaGuard® aluminium security screen door system provides a strong defence against intruders without ruining the style of your residential or commercial property. It has been manufactured, tested and approved according to the highest Australian Standards, making it a certifiable security asset for any property.

IntrudaGuard screen detail.
IntrudaGuard screen detail.

Key features of IntrudaGuard® security screens

IntrudaGuard® products offer your family and home:

  • A stylish and affordable security door or window screen option, allowing natural light in and fresh air to circulate throughout your home.
  • Aluminium security screens have a staggered pitch, round hole, and perforated design ensuring a clear 119 angle of view outside, without compromising security.
  • Intruder, impact and shear resistance, rigorously tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008.
  • Corrosion-resistant and strong, constructed from specially tempered 5052 marine-grade aluminium.
  • Screens are fitted with an aluminium perforated mesh, designed for superior protection against flying and crawling insects.

Benefits of IntrudaGuard® security screens

IntrudaGuard® security screens deliver additional benefits:

  • Improves your home’s energy usage: IntrudaGuard® distinguished perforated design WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) rated for UV resistance and energy efficiency.
  • Australian standard safety features: Include robust frames in line with the National Construction Code (NCC) fall prevention standards measures.
  • Customisable options: Including window exits, pet door flaps and extra security locks for superior protection.
  • Stylish frames and colours: Available in a range of powder-coated aluminium frames and colours.
  • Standard hardware included: Three locking points and handles.
Secure and safe window on Perth property.
Secure and safe window on Perth property.

Home Security With Stylish Aluminium Design

IntrudaGuard® aluminium security mesh screens will help keep you safe without compromising on style!

IntrudaGuard® is a new type of security screen that uses a unique bonding process to hold its perforated shield in place. The design eliminates the need for visible screws, rivets or pins and snap-in joints. A single sheet of specially tempered 5052 marine-grade aluminium offers a strong, flexible and simple installation.

The quality of IntrudaGuard® security screens gives your family peace of mind knowing the shield is in place to stop potential intruders, with a sleek look to compliment your home.

IntrudaGuard® security screens are extremely durable and a great way to protect from an intruder attempting to gain access to your home. They come in many different varieties including window security, hinged door, sliding doors and fixed security window options to suit every home. They can also be fitted in place of fly screens, helping to keep out crawling insects and pests.

Weather-resistant and made to fit your home’s exterior, the aluminium framing system can be tailored to suit your style with a range of frame colours and custom features.

IntrudaGuard® FAQs

We often receive a few questions about our IntrudaGuard® aluminium security screen range. Read some of our frequently asked questions today.

Amplimesh IntrudaGuard® is a perforated aluminium panel held in an extruded aluminium edge. This means they can provide your doors and windows with unparalleled security along with giving you a clear view outside. These aluminium security doors are also corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing and visually appealing, making them ideal for the harsh Australian climate.

Yes! Absolutely, a 10 year warranty is included with all IntrudaGuard® products.

The Amplimesh IntrudaGuard® security doors and windows are made from specially tempered marine grade aluminium with a perforated design that when assembled a bonding process that eliminates the need for any unsightly screws and unappealing fixings.

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Security screen fabricator working on a security door.

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