SupaScreen™ Stainless Steel Screens

Amplimesh® security doors and windows are a top-quality, see-through, 316 stainless steel mesh, which keeps intruders out, while still allowing unobstructed views from your doors and windows. These security screen doors and Perth security windows are suitable for all property types.
Security window screens with premium keyed lock.
Security window screens with premium keyed lock.

Australia’s first choice for home security

SupaScreen™ is a see-through stainless steel mesh, which keeps intruders out, while still allowing you unobstructed views from your doors and windows.

Amplimesh® security screen doors are built tough and durable, to the highest Australian standards. Our Perth home security door designs look attractive and complement the layout of your home. All year round you can have fresh air and clear views, knowing your home is safe and secure with durable security screens.

  • 2 million installations Australia wide
  • 50 years commercial experience
  • 16 year secure warranty
Strong and safe home security window option.
Strong and safe home security window option.

Amplimesh® authorised experts

Our Perth security screen doors come in various designs, including hinged security doors, sliding security doors or bi-fold security doors, and will be installed by our team of experts, to make sure they not only look great but also keep your home secure.

Our Perth security screen doors & windows are classed as bushfire rated screens. This means in the case of a fire, the bushfire screen will intercept a proportion of radiant heat; reflecting, absorbing and scattering it, thereby mitigating the risk of the fire spreading.

Security screen windows

Amplimesh® window screens provide all-year-round security, without compromising on the look and feel of your home.

Amplimesh® security window screens are tested against the strictest Australian safety standards. Choose from our exit or fixed screen formats:

  • SupaScape™ fire exit window screens provide security, while also allowing you to exit, in the event of an emergency. All exit window screens are fitted with child-proof push-open or slide-open mechanisms.
  • Fixed window screens are designed with fall prevention technology, for safety when fitted on higher floors.

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"He was such a wonderful person and provided excellent service. He came out after I misplaced my keys and helped me get back inside. I can wholeheartedly suggest him and...
Noah O'Brien
Noah O'Brien 2 months ago
It was really easy to collaborate with the team because they are highly accommodating with their time, particularly outside of business hours. They offered much-needed expert assistance and completed the...
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson 4 months ago
Had 4 security doors installed in August following whole of house being double glazed including all exterior doors. We were concerned about how the job would be done as the...
M V 7 months ago
These guys are great, from communication, work ethic, pricing and timeframe turn around - and simply great customer service. I'll be back again for any lock and key work I...
Phyro McBruce, Esq.
Phyro McBruce, Esq. 2 months ago
To assist me with sensitive home security issues, he came out and provided thoughtful advise and excellent service. It comes highly recommended.
Lily Chapman
Lily Chapman 2 months ago

Supascreen FAQs

Yes! Rest assured all Amplimesh® SupaScreen products come with a 16 year secure warranty

Amplimesh® SupaScreens are high quality, durable window coverings to keep intruders away. Each product is available in a variety of colours and sizes so they are perfect for any area you need security whether it be your home or office. They are made from 316-grade stainless steel woven into a fine mesh, SupaScreen® is the very latest innovation in security products technology.

Amplimesh® SupaScreens are an Australian product, made from the finest materials in order to produce a superior quality picture. Extensive research has gone into building our screens which is why nobody comes close when it comes to impecable design and durability.

Security screen fabricator working on a security door.

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