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Choosing the Right Fireproof Safe

When choosing a fireproof safe, the price of the safe can vary quite a bit depending on the fire retardant level, so it’s best to know what you need, before shopping around.

Two important points to consider:

What materials do you need protected?

Protect documents and cash: You’ll need a safe that can protect the contents from reaching a temperature higher than 175°C
Protect data discs, CDs, DVDs and more: these shouldn’t be raised to a temperature higher than 50°C
We offer both document and data fireproof home safes – look out for the temperature in the product descriptions.

How long do you need to protect contents in case of fire?

While the term ‘fireproof’ is a common way to describe these safes, in reality most safes are not ‘fireproof’ but rather ‘fire resistant’. They can keep the ill-effects of heat and fire from damaging items inside for a certain length of time. It varies depending on the size of the safe and its walls, the door seals used and the material used to build the safe.

Safe FAQs

Hiding your safe too well and making it hard to access could deter you from using it. If you choose to hide it, make the spot relatively accessible.

The best places to install your safe are:

  • Inside a cabinet
  • On a shelf against a concrete wall
  • On the floor

Electronic safes should not be stored in a humid room as the lock can rust and make it impossible to open. Fireproof safes should be stored in the corner of a room on the first floor if your home or business is multi-story. The first floor will receive less heat than the upper levels during a fire.

A home or commercial safe can be used to store most of your important documents. Most commonly:

  • Insurance documentation for your house, car and other assets
  • Proof of Identity (Birth Certificates, Passports)
  • Property titles
  • Will
  • Emergency cash
  • Valuable items such as jewellery
  • Photo albums
  • Hard drives
  • Spare keys
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