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An affordable tool to reduce the odds of someone breaking into your home or business location, deadbolt locks provide an extra level of security.
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These types of locks are very effective for deterring burglary and keeping your family or business investments safe.

Unlike conventional locks, deadbolt locks come complete with two locking mechanisms – one on the doorknob and one in a separate deadbolt. The deadbolt can only be moved into the opening position by rotating the lock cylinder with the right access key. This means it cannot be easily tampered with or battered.

Depending on the level of security you’re after, deadbolt locks come in three main types:

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The simplest of the three, this lock is activated from one side with a key while there is a thumb piece in the interior side. These locks should only be used on doors which don’t have any breakable glass near the thumbpiece turn. Using them on doors with breakable glass can mean the intruder is able to break the glass, turn the doorknob and enter.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Activated through a key from both sides of the door, this deadbolt is a practical security solution for most doors (even if the door has breakable glass near the locking mechanism).

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

For extra convenience, keyless deadbolts are the most easily operated out of the locks and can be opened by a pin code or fingerprint scan and closed with a button or knob. These are ideal for both business and home security. All types of deadbolt locks are advantageous because they offer the utmost protection against possible physical attack. Because they require a lot of time to break-in, and are much tougher to open than conventional locks, an intruder is less likely to attempt a break-in as their chance of being caught is significantly increased.

Deadbolt Lock FAQs

Most keyed locks can be picked, even deadbolt locks. However, deadbolts can be time-consuming to pick which gives them an advantage when compared to conventional locks. If an intruder has to spend too much time picking a lock, they are most likely to cause attention and be caught. Therefore deadbolts are a great deterrent!

Yes, deadbolt locks can be rekeyed. Rekeying your deadbolt is a great way to improve your security without having to buy new locks. Only a single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts can be rekeyed.

While all deadbolt locks provide security, a higher quality and more costly deadbolt lock will always be more secure. Keyless cylinder deadbolts are opened via pin code or finger scan, and therefore offer the most security. However, bear in mind these locks come at a higher cost.

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