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Fixed window security screens are a cost-effective solution to protecting your home and business against intruders.
Slightly opened security window screen in Perth home.
Slightly opened security window screen in Perth home.

Finding the right fixed security windows

Provide peace of mind and security to your family and patrons with our range of Amplimesh® fixed security windows. Fixed window screens can protect against UV rays and are a fantastic alternative to roller shades or blinds.

Security screen made for easy exit.
Security screen made for easy exit.

The benefits of premium fixed window security screens

Amplimesh® fixed security window screens are built to withstand harsh elements. These mesh windows let in the natural light and fresh air, transitioning you from the outdoors to the inside.

These unique security window screens increase home ventilation and natural cooling while keeping bugs and intruders at bay.

The benefits of our fixed security windows include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminium frames
  • Patented Pressure Fit System
  • Customisable colours
  • High-quality mesh screens
  • Custom sizing for your windows
  • Tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008
Durable security window opening up to outside.
Durable security window opening up to outside.

Superior quality security window made to last

Fixed security window screens are made with both our SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® mesh, which are rivet-free. The mesh window screens, made from marine-grade stainless steel or aluminium, are made to withstand Australia’s harshest weather conditions. This prevents corrosion by keeping dissimilar metals from coming into contact with each other.

The UV resistance coating keeps your home energy-efficient and your screens looking new while protecting your family and keeping the bugs out.

Fixed external security window.
Fixed external security window.

Focus on safety with fixed security windows

Most home break-ins occur through windows and doors, so it only makes sense to secure them both. Our window security screens are tested for structural integrity when faced with a cutting attack or brute force entry, such as kicking, punching, or pulling on the screen. They are also rated for bushfire and cyclone events.

All our security window screens are also tested against fall protection, so you know your family is safe from inside and out. Rest assured that you have protected your family while keeping your security fixed windows open to enjoy the cool nighttime air.

Security window in living room of house.
Security window in living room of house.

Match the decor of your home with securely fixed windows

Your fixed security windows are built to withstand almost anything, but we know it wouldn’t look right unless it fits into your decor and lifestyle. Amplimesh® security window screens can be measured to fit any size window and can come in a wide variety of custom colours to match your home or business.

With the sleek, stylish look matching your screen doors, and the added security from intruders, you can’t go wrong with Amplimesh® window screens.

To make sure your home security is at the highest level, we offer installation of our products

So you can rest assured that you are receiving full protection from your fixed security windows.

Contact our Perth installation team to find out how we can customise your fixed security windows to fit your home or business perfectly.

Security screen fabricator working on a security door.

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