Remote Control Door Lock Systems

Remote control door locks are a type of electronic door lock, that are commonly found on cars. However, cutting-edge technology advancements have seen them break into the home and business industry over the last few years.
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What are remote control door locks?

Remote control door locks are popular for securing and accessing properties because they offer the convenience of a remote/fob for locking and unlocking your door. Utilising advanced technology to produce a convenient and secure locking mechanism, these systems are becoming widely used, both residentially and commercially. They also have the added security of an automatic deadlatch, so you have the option to use a key if you lose the fob – just like a car.

Commercial key fob door lock systems are a secure and convenient option for use in commercial buildings. Electronic door locks with fobs are similar to card access door locks, in that they allow a business to give certain staff access to different areas by providing them with a remote rather than a swipe card. The great thing about commercial key fob door lock systems is you can have a large number of remotes programmed.

Remote Control Door Lock FAQs

Traditional key locks work with the ‘pin and tumbler’ method, whereas electronic door locks have a part called an actuator which connects the bolt or cylinder to a small motor. This motor is completely buried within the door or the frame itself, securely, and is controlled by an electrical impulse trigged by either a keypad or wireless remote. The remote-control door lock works similar to a car key fob in that when you are near your door you press the button to lock or unlock the door.

Remote control door lock systems are beneficial because they can be controlled and monitored remotely. This means you can lock and unlock the doors while being some distance away (usually 3 metres). Remote control door locks are all about convenience and a better way to handle everyday security.

They feature a remote control, covered keypad and traditional key entry if required too. Other major benefits include:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of installation – minimal door preparation
  • Durability

These locks are ideal for car, home and business properties. Some models can come with alarms integrated too, which will sound should someone attempt to force the door open – perfect for high-risk businesses or homes in high crime areas.

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