Card Access Door Locks

Card access door locks, also known as electronic card access systems or swipe cards are a beneficial way to increase the level of security within your home or business. Ideal for replacing keys these systems can be as small as one door controlled locally or expanded to include multiple doors and locations.
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What are card access door locks?

Card access door locks are ideal for replacing keys these systems can be as small as one door controlled locally or expanded to include multiple doors and locations.

This keyless access security is operated by a keycard lock and a flat, rectangular plastic card with a unique digital signature (keycard).

Swipe card door entry is the most common access system used by businesses today. The simple, but secure magnetic card readers are effective for keeping intruders out and can also include a keypad for an additional level of security. Because they eliminate the need to replace lost keys or having multiple keys cut for a business or home property, swipe card access has become a popular and cost-effective security option for many.

Card Access Door Locks FAQs

The secure card is presented to the card reader (or swiped) and the information is sent to the control panel. The software of the control panel compares that information to the control list and determines whether it’s secure access or not.

This information to request access is recorded and kept on an event log. If access is granted, the door is unlocked (usually for a predetermined time) and the access is also recorded. If access is refused, the door remains lock and the attempted access is recorded in the event log too.

The control software allows you to set up individual user authorisations for each identification card and for each door or multiple entry points. These systems allow for a complete security audit.

The benefits of key card door locks are:

• Track employee attendance

• See attempted access

• Flexibility to change access and create new access

• Enhanced security

Swipe card access systems record all access and attempted access, allowing reports and building maps to be generated to track movements. This is useful for businesses needing to track employee attendance within a facility, or if unauthorised access has been attempted within the company or home.

The biggest benefit of card access door locks is their flexibility. Locks can be changed from a central computer as often as desired and master cards or special emergency cards can be encoded by system operators to ensure only selected people have access.

Other key advantages include no need for rekeying, automatic card-expiration time and the ability to control door opening times or cancelling access after opening if required.

Card access door locks are commonly used in commercial businesses and offices because of their tracking and information recording features. This ensures access to the property or certain areas within a building is thoroughly secure.

Card access systems are also ideal for apartment blocks, gyms, hotels, aged care facilities, universities and college buildings.

There is no electronic keyless door lock that is the best for everyone. It will depend on the security requirements, budget and user needs. Card access door locks are excellent for commercial uses, such as at gyms or hotels, while at home, a biometric lock may be more convenient.

At Central Screens and Locks we stock the highest quality electronic swipe card access systems

Our mobile locksmith service can install your swipe card access system at your home or business and provide new unique keycards upon request.

If you have a question about swipe card access systems, get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our showroom to browse our selection of key card door locks.

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