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A fire in your home can be devastating. Not only can fires be life-threatening, they can also destroy your home and personal possessions, along with important legal and financial documents.
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Protect Your Valuables from a Fire

Fireproof safes allow you to keep your personal possessions safe in the event of a fire.

If you have important items that you need to store in your home, such as legal documents, passport, or cash, then a fireproof safe can help keep them secured. Fireproof safes add an extra layer of security to your home with many varieties also providing waterproofing measures as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we try to answer all the questions on our individual safe product pages, our customers commonly ask a few select questions.

It's difficult for consumers to find a truly fireproof safe that'll completely protect their personal items from fire damage, with some "fireproof" safes on the market displaying more fire resistance than others. However, Central Screens & Locks can provide reliable and durable fireproof safes that will withstand the effects of a bushfire or home fire.

In a fire, traditional safes usually don't burn up. However, they will get hot enough for their contents to burn, especially contents that are made of paper such as legal documents, house titles, birth certificates, etc.

Fireproof safes work because they've been built with flame retardant materials, which can withstand extreme temperatures and avoid absorbing large amounts of heat. This is what keeps the contents secure and safe from a fire.

Ideal for passports, birth certificates, firearms, the deed to your house, and cash, fireproof safes can hold whatever you can fit inside them. They're ideal for materials that you want to have handy, but also don't want anyone to have access to - while also providing adequate protection in the event of a fire.

While somewhat more expensive than traditional safes, fireproof safes have quite a long lifespan. Plus, if you're debating between a traditional safe and a fireproof one, why not invest in something that will keep your documents that much safer?

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