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Electronic keyless door locks, also known as digital door locks, are growing in popularity in Australia due to their convenience and high level of security. Electronic door locks require power via mains or batteries.
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What types of electronic door locks are available?

Keypad Door Locks (pin code door locks) these electronic keyless locks require a code to gain access. They can be electronic or mechanical.

Card Access Door Locks a swipe card is used to gain entry.

Remote Control Door Locks these keyless locks use a remote to lock and unlock a door. While mainly used in cars, these are becoming a popular choice for homes and commercial buildings.

Biometric Door Locks this electronic door lock uses fingerprint or facial recognition to gain access.

There are many benefits to electronic keyless door locks including:
  • No need to carry keys or worry about them getting lost or stolen
  • Access control
  • Easy to use
  • Easier to access at night
  • Handsfree electronic door lock options mean easier access

Electronic Door Lock FAQs

Good quality and properly fitted keyless entry door locks are very secure. If your electronic door lock isn’t installed properly or is faulty, then it has the potential to be compromised.

A high-quality digital lock that has been programmed properly is generally safe against hackers. Electronic keyless door locks that have adequate encryption software, longer passwords and a 2-factor authentication are less likely to be compromised. At Central Screens & Locks, we only stock trusted brands that manufacture electronic keyless door locks with the best security protocols.

Which lock type is superior will depend on a range of factors including purpose, the needs of the user and their budget. For instance, a cheap electronic keyless door lock will perform worse than a good quality keyed lock, so if budget is a barrier, you’d be better to choose a quality keyed lock. For an in-depth review between these locks, check out our article: Keyed vs Electronic Keyless Locks.

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